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The Rug Company has collaborated with London-based, Venezuelan artist Jaime Gili, to create two new designs that stem from his painting process. This collection represents the second time The Rug Company has collaborated with Gili, having previously worked on ‘Demons, yarns and tales’ – a series of tapestries by contemporary artists in 2008.

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, during the 80s, he then moved to London where he trained at The Royal College of Art. Gili’s compositions are influenced by the sharp geometric angles of 20th century architecture and his erudite knowledge of Latin American Modernism and its links to the European Bauhaus movements and its practitioners. His paintings, murals and installations celebrate the optimism of early and Mid-Century Modernism, Vorticism and Futurism, all of which are visible influences in his large-scale compositions. Both designs are derived from original works, which were simplified and refined in order to be translated into rug form.

The Collection
  1. Rai
    Jaime Gili
    From $3,288
    $1,475 per m²
    $137 per ft²
  2. Alma
    Jaime Gili
    From $3,288
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