Since the beginning, we have allowed our expeditions to inspire and inform our collections while propelling us forward as a brand. Sparking creativity and design curiosity, global exploration is a common source of inspiration for our design team and our collaborators and plays a key role in each of their creative processes.

From Trine Kielland’s trip to Sri Lanka and Jaime Gili’s childhood in Venezuela to Martyn Lawrence-Bullard’s journey to Marrakech and Suzanne Sharp’s upbringing in the Mediterranean, our visual identity and aesthetic is greatly extended through our worldly visionaries.

Mamounia Sky

“I love to visit both new places and beloved old ones. To me, Mamounia (pictured above) is a classic that transcends culture and time.”
-Martyn Lawrence Bullard

“I travel a lot, and inspiration comes from the different cultural aesthetics, the chaos of Palermo, the Baroque city of Valetta, the vitality of India, the warmth of Tuscany, the souks of the Middle East, the earthiness of Africa. All these experiences lend themselves to my visual vocabulary.” Suzanne Sharp, co-founder of The Rug Company


“I grew up in Malta in the Mediterranean and we lived in Rome until I was 16. We were constantly travelling and exploring, our imagination was fueled by the pattern of history around us. We sketched and doodled patterns in our notebooks on hot summer afternoons. Too restless for a siesta, we lay on our tummies on faded patterned floors to keep cool. We were surrounded by blue skies and sea, heady smells and wonderful baroque architecture, with exquisite patterns, shapes and textures. The beauty of these surroundings has had a great impact on me and my aesthetic is very much informed by these memories and years of daydreaming!” Suzanne Sharp


“I worked off a pattern I discovered in The Golden Cave Temple in Sri Lanka in 2009. I first saw it approximately 4,000 years after its creation. At first glance it looked to me like the ceiling had been covered with rugs, and I am convinced this was the point of inception of my idea to convert one of my paintings into a rug.”-Trine Kielland

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