The Timeless Appeal Of Vintage And Traditional Rugs

Our collection of vintage and traditional rugs has been carefully curated by our team of rug experts, sourced whilst on their travels around the globe.
Whether you are on the hunt for a Persian Rug, an Oriental Rug, a Traditional or Vintage Rug, our collection comprises a diverse range of unique pieces which can be woven seamlessly into both contemporary and traditional interiors.
Below is a short guide to some of our favourite collections, to help you choose the perfect style for your space.

Shirvan Rugs

Our Shirvan designs are highly decorative and unique pieces which have been inspired by collections of rare antique rugs from the Caucasus. They are handmade by highly skilled weavers in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Combining soft natural materials with geometric designs and vibrant colours, each design has been meticulously woven with hand-spun wool, which has been coloured using vegetable dyes.

An Opt Art style Kilim.

Here, a Shirvan design adorns the hallways of a London townhouse.

Hailing from far-flung locations across Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Northern Africa, the colour of our sourced rugs varies greatly depending on where they have been woven.

Keshan and Garous Rugs

Handwoven in India, our Keshan designs are finely handknotted rugs woven by master craftsmen. Each elegant Keshan piece is crafted from soft wool and bamboo silk in harmonious colourways, perfect for those looking to create a pared-back scheme.
Our Garous rugs are derived from collections of historical rugs that were woven with large scale floral patterns and in modern colourways up until the 1920s. Derived from a small Kurdish town in the North West of Iran, ‘Garous’ is an area known for crafting rugs of exceptional quality.

A close up of one of our Keshan rugs.

Soft-toned Garous rugs seamlessly blend old and new interiors.

As each piece from our Vintage and Traditional collection is sourced from around the world, no two rugs are alike, so if you are looking for something specific, our team of experts are here to help find you the perfect addition to your home.