From Fauna to Floor

Joining forces with London-based interior designer, Samantha Todhunter, our studio created an entirely bespoke rug from a piece of art Todhunter had painted of a scarab beetle. Carefully matching the 11 colours from her inspired artwork, the delicate array of rich jewel tones are woven in iridescent silk yarns creating a showstopper against the soft bleached white wool background.

Pictured above: Sam Turner of The Rug Company with interior designer Sam Todhunter (right)

Consistently gravitating towards birds, flora and fauna, Todhunter’s exploration of antique fairs, bookshops and exhibitions inspires much of her work as an interior designer and allows her to bring her love of natural curiosities to each space.

“I love the scarab beetle, sacred to the Ancient Egyptians for its representation of good luck. I love its handsome shape, the strong lines and its rich structural colouring which complements my own love affair with colour.”

“I have referenced this jewel like element in choosing the tones of the rug, which of course had to be woven in silk to reflect the natural iridescence of the beetle shell. The metallic sheen of the jewelled beetle glitters only when certain lights hit tiny structures on the shell of the insect - a similar effect to light reflecting on the fibres of the natural silk strands in the rugs.”

Meticulously translated by our expert weavers in Nepal, ‘Bug’ is a nod to Todhunter’s interior aesthetic; relaxed and informal with a dash of glamour.

Bespoke Design with Samantha Todhunter

Bespoke Design with Samantha Todhunter

Bespoke Design with Samantha Todhunter
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