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Allegra Hicks

Style icon and acclaimed Italian designer, Allegra Hicks, known for her organic and sophisticated designs, began to work with The Rug Company in 2004.

With a long and prestigious history in textile and rug designing, Hicks brought with her years of experience. Using a unique print vocabulary, her style is timeless yet eclectic, often with a vintage feel.

Allegra Hicks rugs are in pure, earthy tones and feature soft patterns, mostly inspired by nature, which are enhanced by rich wool and silk yarns.


“To create places that last a lifetime, you have to use true craftsmanship. That’s why I love working with The Rug Company because the quality is fantastic.” Allegra Hicks

The Collection
  1. Palms
    Allegra Hicks
    From £1,383
  2. Almond Blue
    Allegra Hicks
    From £1,383
  3. Reflections Silver
    Allegra Hicks
    From £1,798
  4. Sante Fe Warm
    Allegra Hicks
    From £899
  5. Sante Fe Cold
    Allegra Hicks
    From £899
  6. Rings
    Allegra Hicks
    From £1,245
  7. Infinity Green Wool & Silk
    Allegra Hicks
    From £3,237
  8. Infinity Brown Wool & Silk
    Allegra Hicks
    From £2,006
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