Transform With Texture

Discover five ways to add texture into your home, bringing warmth, richness and interest with a rug from our extensive collection. From hand-carved stars and flowers to thick fluffy Alpaca fleece and luxurious deep pile merino, see our tips on how to add texture to your space with a selection of different rugs below.

1. Experiment with hand-carved rugs
A statement rug doesn’t have to be full of colour. In fact, a neutral rug can be just as showstopping with delicate hand-carved details which add intrigue and interesting texture.

Our Star Silk design by Helen Amy Murray (above) is a bestseller with a rich craftsmanship story. From start to finish, the rug is meticulously handcrafted by our master weavers in Kathmandu. The result is a dazzling carved design, which is ideal for bedrooms and living rooms.

Pictured above, the Cable Knit design by Thom Browne takes inspiration from a traditional knit pattern which has been delicately translated into a rug. The technique demonstrated here showcases the depth of texture in the soft grey wools and a delicacy within the design, adding richness to any space.

2. Choose a rug with varying pile heights

Our Platinum rug by David Rockwell demonstrates the power of playing with pile heights. The raised silk motif illuminates as it catches the light and evokes depth and dimension set against a wool background. Here, the neutral colour palette creates warmth within this geometric design, whilst also adding a touch of elegance.

The Textures Collection simply showcases the effectiveness of varying pile heights through a repeated pattern. The recessed linework on our Circuit rug creates a subtle yet striking design, adding depth to any room.

3. Add a rug with sumptuous natural fibres
Natural fibres are an easy way to introduce texture into a space as they create an instant feeling of warmth and comfort.
Our Alpaca rug is soft with a sumptuous texture underfoot, its delicate fleece exudes luxury.
4. Opt for deep pile rugs
Our Mohair rugs are soft and springy with a natural lustre and are made from the finest quality spun hair of the Angora goat. Incredibly warm and extremely durable, each rug can be created in a variety of soft hues and is handwoven in either short or deep pile.
Mohair Natural by The Rug Company

Why not try adding texture to your space with a deep pile rug? Our Deep Pile Merino rugs are wonderfully cosy and add a pared-back yet luxurious feel to any space. Each rug creates a delightfully sumptuous feel underfoot and is crafted from the finest Merino wool famed for its delicate touch. Available in a selection of colours, our Deep Pile Merino rugs create a perfect blank canvas for furniture to rest upon.

5. Layer a rug with contrasting textures
Brink Ivory by Kelly Wearstler

Layer and contrast different textures and materials to elevate a simple space. A rug made from a contrasting material to other soft furnishings in your room can add extra depth to a room.

Why not go for a rug which combines more than one material or weaving technique, Our Mainland Light design by Sebastian Herkner (above) contrasts four intersecting, intriguing textures in a range of pile heights, giving the rug a three-dimensional effect.