Raw and Refined With A Soulful Vibe

Admired internationally for her distinctive design and sophisticated soulful vibe, interior designer Kelly Wearstler introduces her new collection of elegant and abstract rug designs. Kelly draws inspiration from far flung sources, merging historical references with contemporary influences.

“Rugs are like an incredible piece of art that makes one feel something has fertile ground for building out the rest of the vibe. A patterned rug will help create a distinct tension and dialogue within a space.”

From delicately balanced organic dots to abstract graphic prints, the new collection compromises three new rug designs each available in three muted colourways as well as three striking runners.

“For me design is storytelling. I want to tell a story that is adventurous and full of soul on every scale. I approach every project—whether a hotel, a piece of furniture or a rug collection—with the same process of exploration and passion. I love that in one day I can enjoy design sessions for interiors, architecture, products and furniture. They are all so inspiring. I love my work and every aspect of what I do.” Kelly Wearstler