Q&A with David Rockwell

The Rug Company has once again collaborated with world-renowned architect David Rockwell, founder and President of the award-winning Rockwell Group. As the son of a vaudeville dancer and choreographer, the power of theatrical elements in design are greatly applied throughout David’s array of diverse projects. From crafted products and hotels to Broadway sets and restaurants, we sat down with David to discuss the inspiration behind his new designs, his creative process and the things that motivate and move him as a designer.

Hex by David Rockwell

What is the process you go through when you design, where do you start your design journey and does it ever take any unexpected turns?
‘Within every project we undertake is a source of inspiration, be it the client, their business or even the project location. We are research junkies wanting to understand every facet of a problem, or material or business before we even begin to think about a solution. The design journey always takes unexpected turns; we never know where we are going to end up.’

What’s your favorite part of the design process?
‘I love thinking about the architectural journey. We look at projects as having a sequence, similar to choreography. We’re increasingly aware that the spaces we create act as a kind of memory machine. On a stage, the set and the props are not merely there for the audience, but also to help the actors to feel connected to the narrative. The same is true with a built space. We’re creating spaces that people feel are worth looking up from their phones for.’

Palladium by David Rockwell
“For me, places that encourage connections define the home."

What motivates and moves you? ‘Curiosity is important. It encourages us to ask ourselves ‘what if?’ and drives the creative process. And if I look back at my career, those moments of uncertainty have often resulted in important successes for the business.

My focus has always been on uncovering opportunities in every project, to make a difference, make something that hasn’t been done, to make something new, regardless of scale or type. Foremost I care about how my design is experienced, not theorised, but how it is felt ‘on the ground’ on an average day.’

Palladium and Hex are extensions of Platinum with a similar colour palette and new geometries.

Where did you find and draw inspiration for your new designs Palladium and Hex?
‘Palladium and Hex are extensions of Platinum with a similar colour palette and new geometries. For Platinum, we played with the idea of overlapping translucency and rectangles of cool and warm metallic tones, as well as varying pile heights, creating geometric yet abstract compositions and dynamic textures.’

To you, what defines a home?
‘For me, places that encourage connections define the home, from the dining room table to a living room sofa. It’s an opportunity to not only create your own personal narrative, but also create lasting memories and shared experiences with family and friends.’