Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement or you’re seeking correlating neutral hues, our in-house studio’s edit of complementing designs can help solve the daunting task of visual pairing. From colour and texture to pattern, we’ve compiled our three key categories to finding the perfect duo.

Top row: Shadow & Terrazzo; the blocked nature of Shadow and Terrazzo link in colour and flow. Middle row: Channels Copper & Waves Honey; the gold line work of varied densities between Waves Honey and Channels Copper allows for spatial definition whilst still establishing a relationship. Bottom row: South Ridge Pink & Fold; repeated patterns in calming hues allows both South Ridge Pink and Fold to speak to each other while integrating depth.

Top row: Mainline Light and Circuit; The structure of Mainland Light with geometric intersecting layers complements the hand carved linear textures of Circuit. Middle row: Star Silk and Lace Leaves; Glistening silk motifs in raised pile heights create a floating affect across both Lace Leaves and Star Silk naturally joining these two designs. Bottom row: Albemarle and Filigree; The concentric overlapping silk circles of Albemarle and rounded floral repeat of Filigree strike the same sophisticated textural notes.

Top row: Wake and Smoke; From the tendrils in Smoke to the fluidity of water which inspired Wake’s design, the organic visuals of this duo unify with their abstraction. Middle row: Witton and Clark; with layered blocks and sophisticated casts, Witton and Clark harmonise in scale and pattern. Bottom row: Tundra and Calacatta; both inspired by bird’s-eye views in nature, the soft colour palette of Tundra and Calacatta visually balance one another.