Tim Gosling’s festive tips

Furniture Designer Tim Gosling is passionate about Christmas and is well known for decorating his beautiful London house with the ‘more is more’ approach. Bounteous, opulent and fun is Tim’s approach when setting the scene for a family event. Life size polar bears on the portico, Santas and reindeers scaling the walls and all illuminated by bright, colourful twinkling lights.

'In my book, there's no such thing as too many candles - although beware, they do give off a lot of heat. Visually, I like to have a strong line down the centre of the table that provides an architectural element; a dense arrangement of decorations through the middle always looks great. The key is quantity - if you're going to do something, do it with panache, style and commitment.'

“Christmas is all about exuberance, magic and chaos,' says Tim Gosling. 'If you try to do things that are too controlled or tasteful, then you're missing the point.” Tim Gosling

“The table is bedecked with urns and cherubs from Venice alongside apples dipped in white wax. I like not having a tablecloth, so you can see the grain of the wood. Fittingly, all of the glassware is from Carlo Moretti in Murano and the garland over the mantelpiece is laced with Venetian glass decorations. It is critical to have lighting at two different heights - candelabra give overall sculptural light and then low-level tea lights illuminate the space, so you can see what you're eating.”

“Tim’s opulent fireplace is decked in red-spotted mushrooms, brightly coloured sweets, elaborate candelabra and fresh seasonal flowers.
"I have been known to have a couple of life-size reindeer on the portico and every year I paint the drawing room of my house in south London in a different colour. This year, it's burnt sienna.”