Deco Diamond by Tim Gosling is a simple yet elegant rug design, demonstrating Gosling's love of the Art Deco movement.
The delicacy of the pattern lends itself to versatility. It can be easily customised and we have created some beautiful custom versions for clients wanting to add a personal touch.

One such example is this project by interior designer Samantha Todhunter. The custom red rug draws colour references from other elements in the space, pulling together the scheme of the room. The silk yarns capture the light which brings a jewel-like intensity to the colour.
The repeating motif of interlocking diamonds, inspired by the exterior decorative elements of London's Ideal House, creates a sophisticated Art Deco rug. The geometric pattern is meticulously interpreted by our skilled weavers in Nepal, who painstakingly clip along each line to ensure its crisp definition.

Deco Diamond Dark, with its steely grey matte wool base, brings a monochrome elegance to a scheme, while the Deco Diamond Light is a glamorous addition with sheeny golden yarns.
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