Our passion at The Rug Company is to create rugs like no other. We embrace a challenge, collaborating with visionary designers like Thom Browne so that together we can innovate and create beautiful designs.

An exceptional example of this is Thom Browne’s Cable Knit design. Inspired by a classic Aran jumper, The Cable Knit reinterprets the archetypal woven pattern into an intricate, inverse motif. The textural design challenged our Nepalese weavers to create a brand new technique in rug carving in order to accomplish the precision and intricacy Browne’s design requires.

Firstly, our weavers handknot a plain rug in Browne’s signature grey. An outline of the pattern is then meticulously drawn by hand and then pin-pricked into very thin paper, which is laid on top of the rug. The paper is scattered with fine chalk dust, which seeps through the holes and creates a template on the surface of the rug. The paper is then removed and the weavers use scissors to invert the traditional cable knit pattern by cutting into the rug, following the fine chalk pattern.

The result is deceptively simple yet undeniable in quality. The final collection of rugs emanate Thom Browne’s understated style; his painstaking attention to detail, tailored manner and loyalty to the colour grey, paired with The Rug Company’s unwavering commitment to quality, expert craftmanship and innovation.

Watch the short video to see the incredible craftsmanship and dexterity of our weavers come to life.


This rug is entirely handmade, crafted by weavers whose skills have been passed down through many generations.

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