The Art of Abstraction
Rugs which take their design cue from the world of abstract art can be a real talking point - they place art on the floor rather than the walls. Our collection of abstract rugs covers the quietly subdued to louder, bolder designs, and no matter which end of the spectrum you choose, they will add impact and style to any room.

“The longer you look at something, the more abstract it becomes, and, ironically, the more real.” Lucian Freud

The latest additions to our abstract rug collection feature alluring, expressive forms, painterly strokes and sinuous lines – all taken from the imaginations of our designers. Drawing inspiration from abstract art, architecture and organic forms these contemporary rugs combine cutting edge design with exquisite materials.
Designs by Kelly Wearstler, Adam Hunter and Elie Saab champion the theme. Wearstler’s Wake is hand-painted and inspired by the fluidity of water, Hunter’s Smoke also captures movement with his ethereal design, while Saab's Brushstokes presents an abstraction of painterly movements in subtle silken yarns.