The Complementary Colour Collection: Farrow & Ball Rugs

When designing a rug collection which solely focuses on colour, there is only brand to do it with, and that’s Farrow & Ball, the British craftsmen of paint and paper. The Rug Company has drawn on Farrow & Ball’s colour expertise to create our very first range of handloom rugs in 12 beautiful colourways – each one perfectly complementing the Farrow & Ball palette.

"Colour is the cornerstone of interior design. It is infinitely versatile and, when used well, the possibilities are endless.” Milly Wright, Creative Director, The Rug Company

The 12-piece collection offers one accent and one neutral colourway for the six Farrow & Ball neutral groups: Traditional, Yellow Based, Red Based, Contemporary, Easy and Architectural. This makes it very easy to achieve a timeless and cohesive colour scheme in your home.

We have chosen one accent and one neutral to work within each of the six Farrow & Ball Neutral groups

Handmade by our expert Nepalese weavers using a shuttle - resulting in a shorter lead time and an enticing price point - the handloom rugs are available in three textures; plain wool, cut and loop stripe and wool with a silk border. All you have to do is pick your favourite colour, texture and size.