Inspired by the façade of Paul Smith’s Mayfair shop at No.9 Albemarle Street, London, the new Albemarle rug transforms the architectural motif into a sophisticated monochromatic textile for the home with ultra-soft wool and silk yarns in a warm grey tone.

The shop’s cast iron façade which was designed by London Studio 6a Architects echoes the design language of the 18th Century Georgian townhouse beneath and has become a landmark since it was installed in 2013 - it even features on architecture tours of the city. The repeating elliptical motif of interlocking circles, creates a delicate, modernist pattern which is fast becoming Paul Smith’s new signature print.

For the new Albemarle rug, the cast iron motif is reinterpreted into the soft sheen of hand-spun silk yarns. The steely grey lines shimmer against the matte wool base of the same colour, giving it a subtle movement which alters with the light as you walk around the geometric rug.

We have photographed the rug inside the Albemarle Street store itself, using the incredible surroundings, including an accessories room lined with 26,000 dominos, to complete the circle. The Albemarle rug has been handknotted in Nepal by highly skilled craftsmen and can also be custom ordered to suit specific requirements or colour schemes.