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Neisha Crosland

Neisha Crosland is a British designer known for her textile designs with a chic, modern aesthetic.

Crosland's rug collection reflects her effortless style and masterful sense of shape and form. The designs play on the differing textures of wool and silk which complement the understated designs whose organic and geometric forms work beautifully in a range of interior styles.

The simplicity and the play of light and dark in each design translates beautifully into the scale and texture of the rugs.

The Collection
  1. Hedgehog SeaView
    Hedgehog Sea
    Neisha Crosland
    Price Band: 13
  2. Zebra GoldView
    Zebra Gold
    Neisha Crosland
    Price Band: 13
  3. Zebra PaleView
    Zebra Pale
    Neisha Crosland
    Price Band: 13
  4. CobraView
    Neisha Crosland
    Price Band: 10
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