Inspired by California: rug designs from The Golden State

From crashing waves and desert terrain to the fading sun and everlasting floral blooms, we’re California dreaming with our new designs inspired by the natural elements of the Golden State. Looking to the beauty of his new home state, Adam Hunter’s latest collection of rugs draws its inspiration entirely from the West Coast. The new collection is comprised of three new rug designs, one of which is available in two colourways.


Tundra is an abstract graphic of the contours of Joshua Tree and the Californian desert, with a topographical design depicted in varying heights of wool and silk yarns.

Handknotted in a palette of warm greys and cool neutrals, Tundra is a journey of textures and hues.

Wisteria mimics the drapery of the floral blossom prevalent in LA during Spring. The design is composed of oscillating organic dots in jewel tone colours, lending the rug an intensity and lustre.

Waves Blue

Waves blends the erratic chaotic waves of the Pacific Ocean with the smooth steady detailing of pencil linework drawing. The result produces a design that features curved, geometric shapes that with stunningly precise linear illustration, and is available in two dynamic colourways; Blue and Honey.

“In Los Angeles, the weather plays a leading role: the sun, the ocean, the sunset. We are so lucky to live in paradise.”