Bespoke Design: Deltille by Trine Kielland

Introducing our latest design by Norwegian artist, Trine Kielland, who has collaborated with us for the first time to launch Deltille. Alongside our Bespoke Service team, her artwork was transformed from a piece of art on the wall to an extraordinary object for the floor.

“The fact that all their products are handmade using ancient traditions, only natural materials and that they have a wonderful colour lab, were all deciding factors for why I chose to design and produce a rug with them.” Trine Kielland

Handknotted in Tibetan wool, Deltille is based on a pattern Kielland discovered on her visit to the ancient Golden Cave Temple in Sri Lanka. It was here that Kielland noticed that the ceiling of the grotto looked as if it had been covered in elaborate rugs and decided to gather her paintbrushes to create Blue Triangle.

It was later on that Kielland felt compelled to reach out to The Rug Company to transform her painting into three-dimensional reality, into a handknotted rug, just like the rugs she had imagined back in Sri Lanka.

The pattern, created by repetition of the simple triangle motif was later brought to life by our design team who worked closely with Kielland to experiment with different textures, pile heights and colour to see how altering these changed the design. With Joseph Alber’s: Interaction of Colours in mind, the team produced a geometric rug in shades of blue, turquoise and neutral tones which play with dimension.