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Dye Master

The Rug Company’s Dye Master, Krishna Raut is based in Kathmandu, Nepal and is the most important person in the crucial dyeing process, charged with the responsibility of matching and preparing the dyes for each rug.
Comparable to a ‘nose’ in the wine industry, the Dye Master has his own laboratory, a mysterious and exciting den of bubbling pots, bottles of liquid and brilliantly coloured powders, where he conjures up dye recipes. He devises a recipe for each different colour used in a rug, and each colour takes about a day to create.

How did you learn to be a master dyer?
I started to work as an assistant to the previous Dye Master and learnt many things from him. I slowly gained confidence and he started to make me do the sampling, mixing and matching. I did a lot of practical work and it almost took me two years to learn everything.

What do you like about your job?
Right from my early childhood colours have fascinated me, and coming from a community where tradition and culture is all about being very colourful, where colours signify various festivals. So, my job allows me to be dedicated and devoted to achieving that perfect match during the dyeing process.

What is your favourite colour?
Light Brown

What is the most complicated colour to make?
Light shades of grey, cream and beige.

Tell us about your family…
There are seven members in my family. I have a 75-year-old father and a 73-year-old mother. My wife runs a small tea shop. I have three children, two boys and a girl. My eldest son goes to college and the other two children are in school, grade twelve and eight respectively.

Dye Master

"My job allows me to be dedicated and devoted to achieving that perfect match during the dyeing process."

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