Custom rugs & commissions

Custom rugs & commissions

Customising a design

Despite our broad range of stock designs and sizes, it is often the case that to achieve the ideal rug it is necessary to commission a custom version of a chosen design specifically tailored to your space. We can adjust the colouring, the materials employed, the scale of the pattern or the size and shape of the rug to fit in a room or to tone with an existing scheme.

There are hundreds of colours to work with, and we can match to any colour you give us, be it a fabric, a paint swatch or an artwork. Complex shapes can be woven to order, and a rug can also be made to fit wall-to-wall.

When the design is settled on, we will provide you with a rendering that will give you a good idea of what your final rug will look like. If required, we can also provide a woven sample to make sure you are happy with the colours and details before the rug is made.

As part of the long tradition of rug making, a custom piece is hand-crafted with the artisanal expertise and attention to detail for which we are renowned. As with any specially made commission, the inconvenience of waiting is greatly rewarded.

Custom Sellarsbrook
Custom Fishes

Above: A customised Sellarsbrook rug commissioned to perfectly match the scheme of the room; A Fishes rug is customised to suit a child's room, the colours, scale and direction of the motif were altered from the original.

Bespoke Design

Sometimes a space requires something unique. We encourage you to make the most of our Bespoke Service and create an original rug that is perfect for you.

With over 2,000 colours and luxurious yarns such as wool, silk, mohair and cashmere to choose from, as well as a dedicated design team on hand to help, commissioning an entirely personal one-off piece couldn’t be easier. We are committed to making every effort until the perfect rug is created.

As with customising an existing design, it will take time to weave you a bespoke rug, but it is time well spent as the result will be an original piece.

Kelly Wearstler custom
Bespoke rug
Bespoke rug

Above: A bespoke cubist-inspired rug designed by Kelly Wearstler for a private Los Angeles home; A bespoke stair runner and wool and silk bedroom rug designed by Faye Toogood for a London townhouse.