A hand knotted rug represents the remarkable achievement of many highly skilled artisans using a practice that dates back almost two millennia.

Every stage of this ancient craft is carried out by hand; from carding and spinning the lanolin rich Himalayan wool to hand-mixing the natural colour pigments and pot dyeing the yarn, which requires little or no machinery.

Our rugs are woven on traditional looms using unique Tibetan knots and once complete are hand-washed and dried on the rooftops of Kathmandu. They are finished by hand, which includes fine hairline carving to smooth any contours on the surface of the pile.

If a variation of pile depth is required, an extremely skilled and specialised job that gives a more three-dimensional effect, this is also done entirely by hand and by eye until perfection is achieved.

Made using one of the world’s oldest traditional skills, your handmade rug will last for generations.