Sellarsbrook Yellow

Sellarsbrook Yellow

Suzanne Sharp

Hand knotted Tibetan wool

Price Band 6

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  • About This Design
    A striking geometric pattern of rings overlapping a grid. The background is natural cream Tibetan wool in a textural flat loop technique, with the sharp acid yellow motif in raised cut pile.
  • Designer Story

    The Rug Company’s Co-Founder and Creative Director, Suzanne Sharp is celebrated as an artistic mastermind and pioneer of rug design.

    Her fearless creative energy and instinctive approach to design have enabled her to create covetable and distinctive rug collections.

    Suzanne intuitively knows when a design is interesting and original, and will never settle for anything less than exceptional. Her talents and expertise have earned her a following of design cognoscenti who feast on her confident use of colour, pattern and scale in her unfailingly and inherently elegant style.

    Her visual vernacular is deeply rooted in colour and pattern. Her aesthetic is modern and she respectfully takes inspiration from her extensive travels as well as the world of architecture, theatre, fashion, art and history and is constantly searching, selecting and editing her ideas. All these influences are evident in her work, most visibly in the beautiful roomset photography she art directs to showcase The Rug Company’s collections.

    Many of her rug designs have now become design classics (her iconic Key Shadow won the Wallpaper* Design Award in 2008) and adorn some of the most beautiful interior schemes in the world.

    “My designs are largely guided by my instinct and much of my style owes its origins to my nomadic childhood. Travel triggers my imagination and my designs are often an updated version of things I have seen. My style is modern and timeless. I’m interested in how people feel in a space and I’m into being able to move things around when I have new ideas: the rug is a perfect example of my nomadic approach to decorating.” Suzanne Sharp

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