Sam Turner

Hand knotted Tibetan wool

Price Band 2

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  • About This Design
    A deceptively simple design constructed by overlapping rectangular lines. The space is so divided in an irregular but balanced way, and the pattern is redrawn to fit any shape. The basic Cityscape design can be very effectively re-coloured and the thinness of the lines can allow sharp colours to be included without becoming too dominant in the room. This version of the design has a chunkier surface and more irregular lines. The background grey wool is undyed and is obtained by carefully sorting the natural wool into different shades.
  • Designer Story

    Sam Turner is a director of The Rug Company, and has worked on countless bespoke design projects since he joined the company in its early stages in 1998.

    His mother is a renowned conservator, and Sam’s childhood was spent surrounded by rare textiles. This upbringing and a keen interest in art and design led Sam to work with antique rugs in London and Los Angeles before he found his true calling when he met Christopher and Suzanne Sharp.

    The Rug Company has pushed the boundaries of what is thought possible with hand knotted rugs, and Sam’s unparalleled knowledge and depth of experience has been central to this.

    Sam’s designs in the catalogue are deceptively simple and originate from his belief that a handmade rug should be the very foundation piece of a room; an object of great quality, integrity and permanence that sets the tone for all else around it.

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