Custom & Bespoke

Custom & Bespoke

Custom Service

Although we stock a broad range of designs and sizes, certain spaces call for something different.

Our extensive array of designs can be adapted to create a rug that is perfectly tailored to your requirements. Colours can be altered, specific shapes and sizes can be ordered, yarns can be changed and patterns can be up or downscaled.

With the help of our dedicated team, you can choose between thousands of shades of colour, or we can match to a sample of anything you bring us. Designs can be fashioned into runners, ovals, circles, squares and more. We can even weave a rug to install as wall-to-wall carpeting.

Throughout the process we will show you renderings of the proposed design and how it might look in situ, and may also make a small sample to check the new colours or materials.

Weaving a rug to order typically takes four to five months, though very large or complex commissions may take longer. This wait, however, seems short when compared with the decades for which your custom piece will endure.

Left: The motif in Deco Diamond Light by Tim Gosling is changed to fit with a cherry red colour scheme.
Right: Fishes by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby is custom ordered as a stair runner, covering 18 steps and containing 99 fish.

Bespoke Service

The possibilities of rug design are infinite and we are always open to new ideas. Our Bespoke Service allows you to create a completely new piece, either based on an idea you have or developed alongside our team.

There are many nuances of technique and material to explore, as well as a dazzling range of colours at your disposal. Whatever you have in mind, we have the expertise and experience to help you realise your dream rug.

As with customising an existing design, it will take some time to weave your bespoke rug, but your patience will be rewarded on the delivery of a completely unique piece, interpreted from your imaginings.

Left: A cubist-inspired bespoke piece designed by Kelly Wearstler for the home of a client in Los Angeles.
Top Right: Designer Faye Toogood commissioned a textured bespoke piece made from wool and silk for a London townhouse bedroom.
Bottom Right: Fiona Parke and Bodil Blain designed this Moroccan-inspired rug with an emerald green silk motif.