Making Rugs By Hand

A hand knotted or hand woven rug represents the remarkable achievement of many highly skilled artisans. There are few, if any, other items you can purchase for your home on which more care and handwork has been lavished.

Every stage of this ancient craft, from spinning the wool to trimming the pile of the finished rug, is carried out by hand – not out of stubbornness but because there is no better way of making a rug.

Many modern rugs are described as hand tufted or hand finished. These are made by the much less intensive process of hand gluing yarn onto a base material, producing a rug that is inexpensive to make, but has a short life and is difficult to repair.

In contrast, a hand knotted or hand woven rug can be cleaned and repaired almost indefinitely, enduring for many generations to become much loved heirlooms.

Every piece at The Rug Company has been crafted by hand in the same way that it always has been, except to this rich tradition we have added the best designs for our contemporary world.