Rugs fit for McQueen: the new Alexander McQueen collection

The Rug Company has joined forces once again with Alexander McQueen to create a new collection celebrating technical ingenuity and arresting design.

Alive with the theatrical innovation of Alexander McQueen, the new collection is “both bohemian and pagan in spirit” explains Creative Director Sarah Burton, who took inspiration from her inaugural Folklore collection and has deconstructed organic motifs, rebuilding them into mesmerising patterns.


Inspired by an exquisite hand crafted feather butterfly, Monarch is hand woven in silk to capture the shimmering, hypnotic movement of this delicate motif. The gentle tones of Monarch Smoke are a soothing counterpart to Monarch Fire, a dramatic statement in peppery hues.


The Monarch cushion renders this ornate theme in hand embroidered wool and silk Aubusson, using the warm, autumnal palette of the original catwalk creation.


The Pony rug captures Alexander McQueen’s skill at reworking traditional animal motifs into haunting yet feminine decorative patterns. An optical twist on pony skin becomes an intricately woven rug, knotted by hand to achieve the subtle detail; Pony is a sophisticated eruption of modern monochrome.


The Poppy wallhanging is inspired by macro floral imagery, magnifying a classic floral bloom to the point of abstraction. Finely woven in the Aubusson tapestry tradition, Poppy Night and Poppy Day explode with the dramatic beauty for which Alexander McQueen is renowned.



The scale and enormous detail of the Folklore wallhanging (available from December 2013) elevate it to the realm of traditional tapestry, covering the wall with an elaborate story. Traditional folkloric references and classical florals juxtapose dramatic colours and contemporary geometrics, creating a striking piece of modern tapestry.


Sarah Burton enthuses, “The Rug Company shares similar values to Alexander McQueen. It’s about offering a product that is precious and luxurious that showcases the best of British design and traditional craftsmanship.”

The new Alexander McQueen collection is available exclusively from The Rug Company showrooms.

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Sarah on November 14, 2013

These are really stunning, amazing how well the patterns translate as rugs and wallhangings.

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