Modernist Masterpieces: Paul Smith’s new rugs

“I like opposites – positive and negative, transparency and density, reverse imagery and the overlaying of colours, some washed out some vibrant.” So says Paul Smith of the three new designs he has added to his collection for The Rug Company.

For this project, the designer has showcased his skill with muted colours in bold graphic prints and cubic forms. The Cubes, Umbra and Peaks rugs reveal Smith’s interest in abstract art and architecture, exhibiting his talent for the faultless construction of pattern.


Gathering inspiration from modernist buildings, Peaks and Umbra are based on art deco motifs taken from the design and architecture of the period.  Peaks is a classic 1920s chevron pattern meticulously reworked in hand woven wool and silk for a chic modern twist. Umbra plays with the scale of a graphic art deco print to produce a strong, urban feel in striking monochrome. DC_PS_UMBRA_F

The Cubes design is a modern interpretation of stained glass windows, incorporating Smith’s interest in abstract art. Using a special looping technique to create crisp edging, a puzzle of intersecting shapes is formed in relief. The Cubist three-dimensional effect is countered by a muted palette of neutral tones, with flashes of turquoise for a pleasingly mellow composition.DC_PS_CUBES_F

Also in the collection is the London Skyline wallhanging. As Smith’s home, the wallhanging testifies to his love of the city. Woven in intricate wool needlepoint, the urban greys and browns, mixed with vibrant red, bring to life London’s eclectic mix of traditional and modern architecture, which make up this “distinguished and unmistakeable skyline”.


These beautiful pieces are entirely handmade, using the artisanal expertise and finest natural yarns for which The Rug Company is renowned. Click here to see the full Paul Smith collection.


nestling on September 11, 2013


Kyle on October 23, 2013

The sitting area centered around the chess board is too cool. I love how the chess pieces are reflected in the high contrast of the blacks, whites, and greys throughout the room. And those colors make the natural brown of the stand and gold of the chair buttons / lamp pole stand out even more. The blown up vintage photograph really ties everything together while also serving as an awesome focal point. -Kyle

Alejandro Gari on October 27, 2013

I like it very much. I,m wondering whether i can achieve the photograph place on the wall. Thanks and best regards. Alejandro

Ashley on January 22, 2014

Beautiful rug! Who manufacturers those chairs?

Theresa on January 27, 2014

Yes, I'd love to know who the chairs are from!

The Rug Company on February 4, 2014

Many thanks for the comments. The chairs in this shot are antiques which were already in the shoot location.

Emilie on February 17, 2014

Love this interior! Who is the lamp by? Thanks!

Sharon on August 18, 2014

Beautiful room! Where is the lamp from?

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