Ivory editions

Indulge your eyes on our latest photoshoot. Shot in antiquated splendour, Alexander McQueen’s Hummingbird Ivory and Military Brocade Ivory rugs are reseplendent in elegant luxury.


Hummingbird Ivory is an exceptionally fine hand-woven tapestry rug, equally beautiful on the floor or hung on the wall. The design is brought to life using silk and pashmina threads, with soft metallic accents to give each bird a magical iridescence that only adds to the refined drama of this ethereal masterpiece.


Inspired by the intricate gold embroidery found on traditional military uniforms, the Military Brocade Ivory rug is crafted in ivory hand-knotted wool, with a raised motif carefully hand-carved in golden silk threads. The rug is an opulent nod to Alexander McQueen’s thrilling style and exquisite creations.

Designed and made to last for generations, these rugs are available exclusively from The Rug Company showrooms.

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