Deco Drama: Tim Gosling’s new Art Deco rugs

At The Rug Company, we have always seen Tim Gosling as a kindred spirit. Gosling’s commitment to artisanal craft permeates through every aspect of his work, reflecting our own dedication to quality, traditional craftsmanship and longevity, values which are reflected in his new Art Deco collection for The Rug Company.


Constantly inspired by his vast historical and architectural knowledge, it is Gosling’s passion for the Art Deco movement in London that inspired his new collection. Deco Diamond Dark, Deco Diamond Light and Deco Spiral are three new designs based on Gosling’s love of the period, using design language born out of an historic sense of architecture and history.


The interlocking diamonds motif of the Deco Diamond rug was inspired by the exterior decorative elements of London’s Ideal House, built in 1929, while Deco Spiral came from the clean, monochrome lines of Hay’s Wharf Building, completed in the early 1930s on London’s riverfront.


Gosling explains, “It was a time when people craved better materials and quality of design – it was about integrity and spending on something that will last. I wanted that richness to come through in the rugs.”


The perfect proportion, scale and balance of the designs are unmistakable Gosling, who has transformed historical motifs into three modern and striking rug designs.


Each rug has an immaculately woven wool base, with silk yarns subtly depicting Gosling’s elegant patterns; the incredible craftsmanship of our weavers ensures the perfect production of every rug.

Christopher Sharp, The Rug Company’s CEO, says of the designs, “Our new Tim Gosling collection is a true celebration of design and craft that is inspired by history and architecture. Our mutual high esteem for both subjects makes these rugs particularly relevant. Tim has an amazing infective enthusiasm for everything he does and one can’t help but love working with him.”

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