Deco Decadence: art deco inspired rugs

Art Deco was considered the future when it first materialised almost a century ago. Today, its predilection for exquisite detail and craftsmanship are still relevant, and enjoying a renaissance.


Appreciation for exceptional craftsmanship was abundant in the 1920s, with the interiors of Dorothy Draper and Syrie Maugham giving a new-found artistry and luxury to interior design. Their frivolity and ingenuity lives on in the contemporary drama of some of today’s most influential designers. David Rockwell’s Platinum rug (above and below) has the all the glamour and sophistication of the roaring twenties. The neutral palette lets the silk hues shine; the silk is woven in a raised pile to catch the light.


Crescent by Kelly Wearstler.


Zoom and Cityscape by Sam Turner explore another aspect of art deco design – solid colour and bold geometrics.



Mistress of monochrome Sue Timney creates captivating visuals using a simple, striking palette. The detail and precision in her Clock rug is a celebration of our impeccable craftsmanship and our obsession with perfection.


Top image courtesy of Harrods.


Sophia on June 27, 2013

So! Retro Chic!

Gabriella on July 11, 2013

Love my Clock rug from the Rug Company! Must get in touch though for advise on black marks!!

Hanan al jandal on July 13, 2013

please sir I need more pictures and details about rigs processing and locations waiting for your answer Hanan

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