Art Basel / Miami Beach: Paul Noble Limited Edition rugs

The British artist Paul Noble has created two new limited edition designs for The Rug Company which will preview at The Rug Company Miami for Art Basel, 2-7 December.


After the success of the Banners of Persuasion exhibition, where Noble’s ‘villa joe’ – a slice of the monumental imaginary city Nobson Newtown – was immortalised in tapestry by The Rug Company, Big Sun and Six Suns are taken from another subject close to Noble’s heart.


The Turner Prize nominated visual artist and cornerstone of the Young British Art movement has been drawing the sea since 1997, and developed the theme for a 2007 Gagosian Gallery exhibition dedicated entirely to his beloved subject. “I lived in Whitley Bay from the age of 1 to 18. The town was a beautiful place to be young. The beaches are vast. The sea, even in the hottest summers, can stop your heart”, says Noble, who has been exploring “the sun, sea and the carnival in between” ever since.


Originally dizzyingly hypnotic pencil drawings, Big Sun and Six Suns are new incarnations of Noble’s sun motifs, “the rugs are based on the different possibilities of the sun, which sits above the sea. I was trying to give the impression of standing on the littoral edge looking at the horizon and experiencing a brightness of light and a slippage of space.”

Paul Noble 608_Drawing

Hand woven in silvery grey wool and silk, the calming graphite palette reflects the pencil and silverpoint materials used in Noble’s original drawings. The sun motifs are intricately woven in silk to capture the phosphorescent light radiating from each sun, and replicate the varying degrees of depth and sheer level of detail of his draughtsmanship.

paul noble

The Rug Company CEO Christopher Sharp says of the designs, “Noble’s drawings are infused with such intensity, so ensuring his meticulous hand was captured was a challenge but we feel confident we’ve achieved it. It was a pleasure to work with this undeniably influential British artist once again.”

Paul Noble_studio

Hand-knotted in Nepal using the exquisite craftsmanship for which The Rug Company is renowned, Big Sun and Six Suns are a limited edition of five rugs, and as additions to Noble’s oeuvre, ensure their place as timeless collector’s items designed to last for generations.

Noble Yarns will be on show at The Rug Company Miami from 2 – 7 December 2013.

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