A peek behind the scenes

Now that the fruits of our latest photo shoot are out for all to see, we thought we’d share some shots from behind the scenes. We photographed the ivory editions of our Alexander McQueen collection in the faded grandeur of an extraordinary house belonging to artist, collector and antiques dealer Peter Hone.



The beautiful apartment is entirely decorated with Hone’s own works and his astonishing collection of antiquites and architectural fragments; so vast and overwhelming is his collection, it rendered us completely awestruck when we arrived.


As well as historic pieces collected over the years, Hone’s own cast-plaster reproductions fill every surface: busts, urns and plaster mouldings are all tightly-packed into the light-flooded rooms this special place, turning it into a sort of magical mini Soane Museum.


It was the perfect setting for these exquisite pieces from our Alexander McQueen collection – the marble and alabaster colour palette allowing the iridescence and glamour of the rugs to shine.


The hand-carved silk yarns of the Military Brocade Ivory rug.



So covetable is Peter Hone’s collection that Ben Pentreath has created the Hone Museum, dedicating a corner of his London (and online) shop to selling fragments from the collection: floral roundels, Soane brackets, relief friezes, Tudor Roses and even resin casts of Hercules.





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