Custom rug designs that are Toogood to be true

We’re always trying to encourage our clients to explore the endless possibilities of bespoke rug design. For her latest project, the furniture maker, stylist and set designer Faye Toogood took our rug-making capabilities to whole new level.

With the help of our specialist bespoke service, Toogood created rugs using her own designs for almost every room in the London town house.

Her characteristic references to sculptural forms and nature can be seen in the ‘Woodland Rug’ used in the drawing room.


Over a series of meetings and home consultations, Toogood’s designs were interpreted by specialist members of our team and hand-woven in Nepal with exquisite results.

In the family room, she uses an indigo colour scheme to soften an otherwise functional space and describes the bespoke blue mohair rug as ‘perfect for playing on’, as well as being a playful continuation of the room’s ocean theme. The rounded edges of the circular rug were carefully carved by hand, giving the rug the appearance of a textural, inky puddle.

Toogood describes the rooms in the house as a series of ‘installations’, each with its own distinct look and feel. An understated Aubusson stair runner is used throughout the house – a directional central ribbon connecting the house from top to bottom, unifying the rooms.

Using hand-woven tapestry, the stair runner was a breakthrough in technical ability, achieved by our craftsmen – some of the most skilled in the world. All the lines were meticulously measured so when laid, each piece of the runner fitted together perfectly.

In the bedroom, Toogood designed a sumptuous wool and silk mix rug, using geometric shapes in pale shades to complement the room’s muted colour palette. The varying pile heights of the wool and silk help to give the rug depth and make it feel more like a piece of abstract art than simply a rug.

Click here to find out more about our unique bespoke service, and read more about the Studio Toogood project in this month’s House & Garden magazine.

Photography by Bill Batten.


peter on December 8, 2012

like the 'blue room' and the stairway carpet with the garland thing'y

Karen on December 11, 2012

Ditto on blue room and stairway carpet with ribbon design

Dr. Jutta Knechtsberger on January 24, 2013

Hello Dears, is it also possible to see the samples of the sample sale online...? I live in Vienna, so I can't quickly stop by, although I'd love to :-(! Best regards from snowy Austria, Jutta

 Bespoke Bedroom Furniture  on January 30, 2013

However, the trip also ignited a lively discussion with my travel companion as to what constitutes good design. We stayed in a new, boutique-type hotel, and their website stated it was, “a new hotel giving southern comfort new meaning with its collection of lavish guest rooms, and opulent public rooms, including a lobby cloaked in onyx marble.”The enticing promotional materials went on to tout that ”classic décor along with modern conveniences create a historic and indulgently luxurious hideaway”. With those adjectives, plus a personal recommendation, we signed right up.

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