Stitching by numbers

When translating the work of the world’s most creative designers into a beautiful handmade rug or cushion, the devil is in the detail.

The Hummingbird cushion by Alexander McQueen is no exception, and provided us with a particularly difficult challenge. Because of the intricate nature of the motif and its jewel like colours, it was important to be as faithful as possible to the artwork: even one shade off could throw the balance of the design.

The weavers’ graph is an artform in itself: hand-drawn in the studio, it is a map indicating the position and colour of every single stitch.

This picture highlights the intricacy of the construction and the painstaking process involved.

The hummingbird’s plume shows that the design has a minimum of 142 different colours. The Dye Master, revered like a nose in the wine industry, conjures up every tone to its own special recipe.

We use the finest quality silk  and wool tapestry to achieve this extraordinary level of detail. Metallic thread  is used to capture the iridescence  of the birds as they fly through a delicate smoke.

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