New arrivals: Jonathan Adler

The renowned craftsman, potter and product designer Jonathan Adler has designed seven bold and exuberant rugs as part of our new Studio Collection. Featuring his signature offbeat style, the punchy yet elegantly simple designs are a masterclass in colour and Adler’s self-confessed ‘happy chic’. His passion for effervescent, idiosyncratic design is captured in each of the rugs, which bring an element of ‘levity’ to any interior.

Sybil Diamond Blue.

Charlie Black.

Sybil Lines Warm.

Sybil Lines Blue.

Syrie Yellow.

Syrie Blue.

Syrie Grey.

Harlequin Green.

The Harlequin Multi (above) is Jonathan’s favourite rug in the collection because “it’s so bold and bright….and chic! People often worry about colour not being chic, so they try to be a bit more subdued but ultimately I think colour can be stylish and life affirming and memorable, which is everything design should be.”

The rugs all have a wonderfully dense texture and are hand woven in Nepal using Tibetan wool. Adler says of the collection, “As a potter, I have always been committed to craft – it’s the essence of everything I do and The Rug Company understands exquisite craft better than anyone. I can’t wait to cover my floors with our gorgeous collaboration!” Click here for more information about our new Studio Collection.

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