Good things come to those who wait

Some spaces require something particularly special and we often work with clients to create their own original rug commissions. The possibilities are infinite.

This bespoke Houndstooth rug was designed by Emily Todhunter, commissioned by a client living in Switzerland. The rug reflects Todhunter’s ability to create classic designs with a contemporary aesthetic; the houndstooth motif has been reworked into a fresh and contemporary style.


In Nepal, the rug was hand knotted by our weavers using lustrous silk and Tibetan wool, known not only for its warmth and comfort but also its unique resilience and strength.

It took five months to make, and the wait was greatly rewarded. The rug is timeless and elegant, and works equally well in both traditional and contemporary settings.

In fact, we loved the design so much we’ve decided to put it into our collections: this Houndstooth rug by Emily Todhunter will be available from our showrooms this Spring.

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Penny Mishcon on April 20, 2012

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Meggi on October 2, 2012

Really nice to meet you at Patricia's, Dale...what a great chance to meet other Vancouver Designers. You look like you are doing amaizng work!Love these carpets...the white mattlesse (sp?) type is amaizng.

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