Paul Smith’s carnival of colour

In his Carnival rug, Paul Smith’s trademark stripes have become gently billowing ribbons of translucent colour. He tells us about the inspiration behind the rug and the journey from solid stripes to softer strokes…


“Stripes are synonymous with me as a designer but I wanted to push myself to look at stripes and colour in a different way. I like opposites – positive and negative, transparency and density, reverse imagery and the overlaying of colours, some washed out some vibrant.”


“The Carnival rug takes inspiration from all of these things and pushes the stripe to a new way of working.”


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Esther Sadowsky on November 7, 2012

So love the color palette of this rug. My personal palette is coppers & rusts, but with the addition of the blues & pinks allows for accents to be used in the room.

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