When it comes to commissioning a bespoke rug, the possibilities really are infinite.

The design for this hand-knotted stair runner was inspired by the Dazzle pattern that was painted onto World War II ships to disguise them from German U boats.


When the pattern was viewed from the periscope, it made it impossible for the enemy to estimate its type, size, speed and heading.

The softness of the hand-spun Tibetan wool and the durability of the Nepalese knot means the stair runner will withstsand an onslaught of footfall for many years to come.


similar now! Trisha Younge Interior Designer on May 26, 2012

I love this design, so much so that I am now thinking I will have something similar on my stairs!

Melodie on June 6, 2012

Beautiful! I love this runner.

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