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In her new book, Kit Kemp: A Living Space, the internationally-acclaimed designer and co-founder of Firmdale Hotels takes us on a voyage of discovery. Exploring her singular style and passion for materials, colours, patterns and textures, the book reveals Kemp’s inspirations and the secrets behind her vibrantly offbeat interiors.

“I have one design rule”, she says, “and that is, there are no rules.” Kemp’s encouragement to ‘trust your instincts and have fun’ is seen here as she goes off-piste, using our hand-stitched wool needlepoint  Blanket Rug in a completely new way – as fabric to upholster a chair.

Working with Kit on not just regular designs from The Rug Company collections, we also create entirely bespoke rugs for her special projects. For this dining room rug, given an antique Argentinean blanket as inspiration, we set to work to create the perfect rug for the room.

Using this key element, we drew up a design that emulates the vivid colours and patterning of these Argentinean archetypes, and created an entirely bespoke, handmade rug to fit with the interior scheme. The colours make a vibrant statement, but maintain a rustic, worn and robust feel.

Kemp’s A Living Space really is a book of ideas, showing that inspiration can come from anywhere. Click here to find out more about the bespoke service that Kit uses for her design projects.

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Rouba on December 6, 2012

Yay!!! Congratulations on your wonderful blog Gina.I agree with Claire, if only we could feel your goouergs rugs they are so lovely.Everyone who's seen them has be so impressed. Your designs are so clever and your attention to detail is amazing. They really are very high quality.It's lovely to see another Business Mum getting her product out in to the big wide world.Lots of love and successHeather x

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