A rug fit for the Queen

When you get a ‘Royal Calling’ for a product from your company, you do everything you possibly can to deliver the most beautiful, perfect, exquisite piece, absolutely on time.

Even if you think at the beginning, when the request is first made and you start shaking your head violently, that it can’t possibly be done. When you are sure that there’s just no way, that there just aren’t enough hours in the next eight weeks. In the end you do make it on time because you really want to.

In past centuries, the added incentive of keeping your head would have certainly focussed your resolve, but now that the lopping off of heads and rotting in towers is so completely out of fashion you still really want to do something very special for an exceptional Queen. She is after all, The Queen of Great Britain and a jolly good one.

Our Royal request was to make a rug for the Royal Rowbarge Gloriana, which would then be presented to her Majesty on April 27th and be part of the Jubilee celebrations.

We had all sorts of possible designs we could have used and, with Gloriana’s interior designer Kate Woods of Woods’ Silver Fleet, eventually chose Emily Todhunter’s brilliantly balanced and timeless ‘Fretwork’, which was then embellished with an ER in gold silk. Our weavers in Nepal worked in shifts and were proud to have such an important and noble commission.

On a predictably blustery, typically English sort of day, I was fortunate enough to be invited to meet the Queen and Prince Philip on the Thames for the presentation of the barge and the rug which both looked suitably majestic.

Her Majesty was visibly delighted.

Long live the Queen.

Christopher Sharp





Virginia Miller on June 1, 2012

What a splendid rug. It looks beautiful.

Christine on June 3, 2012

It looks amazing!

Amy Golden on January 11, 2014

Jolly good!

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