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If you happen to be in London, and find yourself near the British Museum, do go and visit Grayson Perry’s new show. We at The Rug Company are very honoured to have worked with him on our special tapestry  project, Banners of Persuasion.

The Rosetta Vase by Grayson Perry (2011)

‘The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman’ was curated by Grayson and exhibits his own civilization peppered with anonymous crafted objects from the Museum’s collection. The exhibition pays homage to the unsung heroes of the past few millennia: nameless craftsmen whose skills have created some of the most beautiful and brilliant objects in the world.

The Tomb of the Unkown Craftsman by Grayson Perry (2011)


Painted wooden portable shrine, Western India (19th–20th century)


The Frivolous Now by Grayson Perry (2011)

Staffordshire earthenware dish by Ralph Simpson (1700)

Fast becoming a national treasure, here is a picture of Grayson as his alter ego Claire in front of the tapestry created for Banners of Persuasion.

Click here to watch an excellent BBC programme that takes you behind the scenes of the exhibition and into Grayson’s universe.

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