Making rugs by hand – Three Company ‘extras’ on location in Nepal

Three members of the The Rug Company team joined Caroline Kent, the Company’s Production Manager, in Nepal recently to meet the spinners, weavers, washers, and finishers and follow the incredible journey that each and every hand-knotted rug takes as raw Tibetan wool is gradually turned into a stunning work of art over a period of many months.

Emma Ellis-Hill, showroom manager at Holland Park tries her hand at washing a large Spectrum rug. It’s extremely hard work!

David Liles-Thomson, general manager of our upcoming showroom in Harrods learns the fine art of hand-knotting a Paul Smith Pale Swirl rug.

The Rug Company’s Marketing and Sales Director, Richard Eagleton tries his hand at knotting. Not so easy.

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Gakushi Nakamura on October 23, 2011

Back in June my wife and I ordered an over-sized version of this very design, and have been longing for the time for it to arrive. Wonder if the piece shown here could be our item ?

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