Christmas at The Rug Company

Treat your family and friends (or yourself!) to something beautiful this Christmas. Whether it’s a hand woven tapestry cushion or a fine aubusson rug, The Rug Company’s new collections will provide the perfect present.

For a modern take on a traditional tapestry cushion, Committee’s ‘Home’ cushion combines exceptional craftsmanship with contemporary design. The hand-stitched appliqué house contrasts the classical tapestry background, creating Committee’s vision of ‘the dream home’.

Or, for a piece of trademark Paul Smith, go for the hand woven wool needlepoint ‘Swirl’ cushion, finished with multi-coloured pom poms.

Alexander McQueen’s exquisite cushions make gorgeous (and covetable!) presents.  The iridescent ‘Hummingbird’ and ‘Skull Gold’ cushions are hand woven using silk and metallic thread – pure indulgence.

Vivienne Westwood’s new tartan rugs are a quirky interpretation of a traditional pattern. The bright and unusual colour combinations make each rug modern and quintessentially Westwood!

Available in three colourways, each one is finely hand woven wool aubusson with a the luxurious cashmere backing. They are soft enough to use as throws, or hang on the wall.

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Happy Christmas!


tarek radwan on November 19, 2012

surfing your products through the net is a unique, incomparable pleasure that shows the beauty, innovation, creativity and craftsmanship that a rug, a wall hanging or a cushion can eternally demonstrate. It gives me unlimited ideas, if I have the means, to apply in my home using your products. One product that I spend lots of time dreaming of is the Humming Birds wall hanging, I have already started to think where to hang such a piece of art in my home, if I can get one.

melissa on December 15, 2012


markus schmidt on February 22, 2013

waht size has the swirl cushion from paul smith and what is the price?

The Rug Company on February 27, 2013

Hi Markus. Thanks for your enquiry. The Cushion is 75cm x 50cm and is a hand woven wool needle point. One of our sale team will email you directly with pricing and availability.

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